Welcome to the web site of Mary Willette Hughes, author of three books of poetry: Quilt Pieces (2001), Flight on New Wings (2003), and The Shadow Loom Poems, released in October 2010.  She has been a facilitator of Poetry As Therapy for the last thirteen years and has given presentations locally and nationally about poetry therapy and its use in addiction programs.

Mary’s second book, Flight on New Wings, contains 50 poems dealing with the author’s experience of addiction in her family. These poems are the primary source of poetry therapy group sessions at the Saint Cloud Hospital, Saint Cloud, MN, in their Recovery Plus program for addiction.  From more than 5,200 written evaluations collected over thirteen years, client response to poetry therapy sessions is between 95% and 96% positive.  Administrators of the Recovery Plus program believe that using poetry as another form of therapy has proven to be a valuable tool in the process of recovery.

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