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Flight on New Wings: Healing Through Poetry
Published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc
Copyright © 2003 Mary Willette Hughes
Paperback, 77 Pages

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Mary Willette Hughes’ second book, “Flight on New Wings,” contains
fifty therapeutic poems for those in a treatment program for addiction.  It chronicles the true story of a son, his mother’s, father’s and family’s experiences related to the disease of active addiction. The son had been abused at a young age by an older man. The ramifications of that event and how it contributed to his journey into addiction are revealed through poetry, mostly through poems of memory that relate the events of his life before and after treatment at age seventeen. He is now in his thirty-first year of sobriety.

An addendum following the poems is included in the book.  It gives basic information about poetry therapy and how it can be used as well as related discussion questions pertaining to each poem. These questions may be used to begin an interactive sharing when facilitated by a therapist or counselor during a group session, or during a one-on-one session in a recovery program.

Read from “Flight on New Wings”

“A Mother’s Truth”
“Toward Flight”

Critical Acclaim

“Searing, startling, powerful, beautiful! I am stunned by this book!”
– John Fox, CPT
past President, National Association for Poetry Therapy

“This new book by Hughes will be a great contribution to the field of poetry therapy, especially as it relates to the treatment of sexual abuse, addiction, and recovery in a therapeutic setting.”
– Arleen McCarty Hynes, O.S.B., R.P.T., (1916 – 2006)
co-author of Biblio/Poetry Therapy: The Interactive Process

Flight on New Wings is itself a testament to the healing and transformative power of writing.”
– Nancy S. Scherlong, C.W.W./R.P.T.
Director of Poems Heal Creative Arts Centers, Vice-President, National Association for Poetry Therapy

“Flight on New Wings: Healing through Poetry is a valuable resource for individuals and groups who find reading and reflecting on poetry a healing process, especially for those struggling with addiction and who have entered a clinical treatment program.”
– Dr. Mary Hynes-Berry, Erickson Institute, Chicago, Illinois
co-author of Biblio/Poetry Therapy: The Interactive Process


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