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Quilt Pieces
Published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc
Copyright © 2001 Mary Willette Hughes
Paperback, 94 Pages

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The poet’s first published book of poetry is a memoir of her life, beginning with her years growing up, along with five brothers, on a farm in southern Minnesota. Mary’s recollections on college, marriage, and parenting form the middle section of the book, followed by observations of her parents’ and loved ones’ journeys  into death. This unique collection of poems brings together pieces of lived experiences, stitching them together like a story-quilt spanning the years between the poet’s birth in 1932 to the time of publication in 2001.


Read from “Quilt Pieces”

“A Story Quilt”
“What Mama Wrote”


Critical Acclaim

“The world is very real for this poet, and she does not spare us dark, difficult moments among the tender and the celebratory.”
– Michael Dennis Browne,
author of Smoke from the Fires and You Won’t Remember This

“A book written by a poet in love with language, a poet with extraordinary faith, a poet whose poems are worth our time and attention.”
– Deborah Keenan,
author of Happiness and The Only Window That Counts

“Poignant. Like monarch butterflies, they make their delicate passages to beautiful and painful places.”
– Bill Meissner,
author of Hitting into the Wind, Learning to Breathe Underwater, and The Sleepwalker’s Son

“Lucid full moon, luminous pulse, Quilt Pieces presents the bread of life, the salt of continuance.”
– Terry Linda Hauptman,
painter, professor, and author of Rattle and Masquerading in Clover


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